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Flower Petals | Ultra-Mini Pendant


Layered petals that always look natural and never fail to draw the eye.

Price is without a gemstone.

Size with small gear: 9.5mm x 17mm
Size with medium gear: 12.5mm x 19mm
Size with large gear: 16mm x 22mm
Look for the Sizing Information tab on this page for more information.

Variations shown have a variety of gear colours, gear sizes, and gemstones to help you visualize the different forms of each piece.

The History

Ultra-minis came about as a happy accident. One day we were looking at the bales that we use on most other pendants and realized that by putting them on our gears, that we would create our smallest and most affordable pendant. We started with only our Classic and V-shaped bales but wanted to expand the body of bales we could use. After all, it's the only way that we can customize the ultra-mini pendants.

This resulted in designing new shapes for bales that we could use not only on our ultra-minis but also the rest of our pendants as well. Truly, this is the result of an organic growth of ideas.

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