All jewellery needs to be cleaned from time to time. Wearing it in everyday life will expose your jewellery to a variety of greases and oils, makeup, soaps, and other dirt. If you find that the gears don't move as well over time, this is likely why, and it will stay this way until you get around to cleaning your jewellery.

We use brass, anodized aluminum and stainless steel in our jewellery. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and scratching because it is quite hard. Brass is also hard but will tarnish over time. It is up to you whether to remove the tarnish or not, as it adds an aged look and doesn't affect functionality. Anodized aluminum can be coloured, is quite light, and is scratch resistant, but if abused can scratch.

The following instructions will work to clean Armét jewellery and are gentle enough that they should work on most other metal jewellery. However, we are not responsible for any damage done while cleaning.

How to Clean Your Jewellery (2-10 min.)

  • Gather up the jewellery which needs cleaning and a bowl of warm, soapy water. Dish soap works fine. Avoid caustic cleaners like Brasso, as these may damage the jewellery. If the jewellery in question has gemstones, warm water and soap shouldn't affect most, but be careful.
  • You will also need a small brush. Stiff bristled toothbrushes should work well, steel brushes are a no. Alternatively, you could use a soft cloth for cleaning, but it may not reach into the corners as well as a brush will.
  • Soak your jewellery in the warm, soapy water to loosen up the dirt you want to remove. Turn the gears to loosen any stuck dirt. If need be, scrub away dirt with the brush or cloth.
  • Visually inspect your handiwork. If there are gears to move, make sure they do so without difficulty. Once everything is moving smoothly, rinse off your jewellery and dry it as well as you can.