Jeff de Boer

Gearing Chainmaille Tie | Jeff de Boer


Looking for a way to become a dominating presence at the next big company meeting? Want to show your boss you're ready for the promotion he was hinting at? Look no further! Accelerate your journey up the corporate ladder and start your corporate takeover today!

The Details

  • A one-of-a-kind Jeff de Boer chainmaille tie. It comes with the tie, Gearings, display frame, and Jeffs everlasting respect.
  • The tie is 19.5 inches long, The Gearings are size 11. Comes with a tie frame for display on your wall.
  • Materials are aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.

The History

Jeff de Boer did his first chainmaille tie as a part of the Corporate Armor Collection started in 1991. He has gone on to do these as custom art pieces ever since, art that you can wear and display.

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