How does our jewellery work?

Let us demonstrate

A wild idea

The First Gearings

From a basic pendant with a removable ring, to cuff-links, and tri-spinners, our first designs covered many different jewellery types to experiment with what was possible.

Dylan Puddu brought the concept of a Gearing to Jeff de Boer and Dave Sangra. Together they worked to develop it and get it manufactured. Dylan is no longer with Armét, and we wish him luck.



With age comes refinement. Edward Jaworenko joined the Armet team and working with Jeff de Boer, a system of design was born.

What you see here are the first examples of jewellery utilizing the system we created. No longer was it about the Gearing. Armet's focus moved to designing a system that would allow you to design the jewellery that you want.

The gears are turning

Testing the Market

After adding a multitude of new anodized gears, new plate designs, and more inventive uses of the system we designed, we were ready to move to market!

Over the year we also had a marketing campaign through Facebook and Instagram that we called 365 Days of Design. By the end it was clear we had barely scratched the surface for what designs are possible.

In 2018 we also got our jewellery into our first two galleries: The Glenbow Museum in Calgary, AB, and Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond, AB. These two connections are great, and have helped to pave the way for relationships with future stockists!

Galloping into our

First Big Market

In 2019 Andrew Holloway became a part of the Armet team! His design sensibilities are heavily influenced by his Stoney Nakoda heritage and he is a skilled jeweller who recently graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts.

We also expanded the jewellery system we have to explore hexagonal designs, planetary gears, bolo ties, and more.

Calgary Stampede 2019 was our first, big push to market our jewellery. Look forward to seeing us at Stampede 2021 once COVID-19 subsides.

No Small Task

Make it Digital

Our jewellery is fantastic to play with at markets, but is much harder to visualize digitally. Through this year we have been on a quest to make it much easier for people to see (maybe even play with) our jewellery through our website.

No small task when you have hundreds of pieces of jewellery with 80+ variations each!

Jeff de Boer in

National Geographic

Late in 2022 Jeff was featured in National Geographic for his cat and mouse armor! You can get in touch if you're curious about getting a suit of your own, or take a look at our mouse armor jewellery to get something more accessible.