Custom For Everyone

In a mass produced world, everyone should have the opportunity to create personal artifacts that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

At Armét our goal is to design products which you can make truly unique. The idea of "custom jewellery" is one that people always associate with engagement rings and heirlooms, but we think it can (and should) be so much more than that.

When you design a piece of jewellery for yourself or someone you love, you are creating a memory. Maybe even representing another fond memory. Imagine giving someone a piece of custom jewellery when they graduate from school, or achieve a goal you're proud of them for. These are the events that often don't warrant a custom momento because of cost, but with our jewellery they can.

We like to call what we make mid-range custom jewellery. Affordable enough to celebrate the little events in your life.