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Celtic Continuum 4 & Gears | Gearing Pendant


Simple swirling geometry (and even a gear), this Celtic inspired pendant serves as a ring holder for a Gearing of any size.

Price is without gemstones. All Gearing Pendants come with a Gearing.

Pendant Size 6: Gears do not fit, so we don't sell it in this design.
Pendant Size 7: 19mm x 28.5mm | 2 Small Gears
Pendant Size 10: 21.5mm x 31mm | 2 Small Gears
Pendant Size 11: 22.5mm x 32.5mm | 1 Medium Gear, 1 Small Gear
Pendant Size 14: 25.5mm x 36mm  | 1 Large Gear, 1 Medium Gear
Note: These sizes are for the pendants without Gearings, which would add a few mm to the width and length.
Look for the Sizing Information tab on this page for more information.

Variation shown has:

  • Gears: Black Gear 1, Red Gear 2
  • Gearing Size 11
  • Solid Bale

Other Details

  • It is quite possible that this pendant can fit other rings of the same size as well.
  • The gear that we use within the center hole is chosen to be the largest one that fits with that ring size.
  • This is one of our few examples of pendants where the gears within it don't actually mesh with each other, but they both move.

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