What is LEXM?

LEXM, the League of Extraordinary Makers, is a collective of like-minded artists, designers, makers, and visionaries. We work in multi-disciplinary ways to create things that are enduring, beautiful, and meaningful for the world. Armét is a production of LEXM where we release the jewellery concepts that our members develop.  There is no limit to what can be produced through our collective, and it operates in a similar way to the guilds of the Renaissance, but in the modern day.

Now that we live in a world where anything is possible, it is no longer about if something can be done. It's now a single question: what is worth doing?

If you want to know more, get in touch with us and we can talk about it.

Featured Makers

Jeff de Boer

Jeff de Boer RCA, ASA, the founder of LEXM, is a Calgary based multi-media artist with an international reputation for producing some of the world’s most original and well-crafted works of art. He is best known for a wide range of work, from suits of armour for cats and mice to large public sculptures.

Cory Barkman

Cory Barkman is a multi-faceted, award winning artist that produces intriguing objects of function and beauty. He has designed and built furniture, lighting, sculpture, jewellery and more. His work is sought after by persons across North America and around the world.

Cameron Farn

Cameron Farn is a native of Calgary, Alberta, whose artistic vision is fueled by a fascination for discovery and limitless possibilities of imaginative play. Conceptual design continues to bring focus to form and has become the singular grounding influence in a life blended with sculpting, illustration and a variety of fabrication interests. As the Creative Director and Lead Designer for the largest specialty fabricator in North America, Cameron’s role as a consulting artist and technical designer has afforded him the opportunity and experience to develop a unique form language. This acute sense of shape married with the underlying principles which guide their creation has led Cameron to what he calls Vinculum, a bonding of potential with form.

Christine Pedersen

Christine Pedersen works with metal and porcelain in her Calgary studio to create jewellery, smaller-scale sculpture, and unique pieces for the home. Christine studied in the Jewellery and Metals Program at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Her work has been featured in exhibitions with the Alberta Craft Council and Metal Arts Guild of Canada, in print with Ceramics Monthly, and in Narrative Jewelry: Tales From The Toolbox. She writes a blog on her studio practice, and has authored an article on wood-firing for Ceramics Review. Christine is part of the LEXM team creating larger works and public art. Commissions are welcome.

Contact Christine via her blog: http://christinepedersen.blogspot.ca

Reinhold Pinter

Reinhold Pinter graduated with a BFA from the University of Calgary Art Department in 1984. Throughout his career he has demonstrated versatility and ingenuity by adopting materials and processes to fit his artistic objectives. As a result Reinhold has become fluent in drawing, painting and paper cut artifacts. His diverse exhibition history delves into cancer recovery, particle patterns, wind phenomena, internet combustion and celestial labyrinths. Of late Reinhold has been developing a line of jewellery in various metals. He envisions this activity to be a strategy of placing meaningful miniaturized art close to the human body. It also exemplifies his ongoing interest in the effects of light on perforated objects.

Casey Hughes

Casey Hughes is an artist, designer and marketing professional with a passion for combining art with entrepreneurship.
When Casey is not busy working on creative marketing solutions for businesses, he’s in the studio bringing his ideas to life. He is currently exploring the interdisciplinary applications of his work within the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) framework as a cohesive learning paradigm that connects people with STEAM principals and promotes the application of those principles to the real world. 

Since 2010 Casey has been working with an amazing magnetic liquid medium called ferrofluid. Over the past 7 years his work has been sent into space on the International Space Station, featured on CBC Radio, Calgary is Awesome and Metro News. His work with ferrofluid has been featured in projects with Linkin Park and Absolut Vodka—and is utilized in educational programming at science centers and educational institutions. 

Casey’s holds a Bachelors Degree, with distinction, in Media Arts and Digital Technologies from the Alberta College of Art and Design. He is actively upgrading his education within the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship.      

Casey’s work can be seen at www.caseyhughes.comwww.czferro.com and www.ferronetik.com

Edward Jaworenko

Eddie Jaworenko is a multidisciplinary designer who recently graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts. His work deals primarily with the concept of User Experience and how to apply it to different kinds of design and craft. User experience, in essence, the field of making apps and websites as natural and desirable to use in order to increase personal engagement or profit. This attitude is reflected in his creation of enjoyable motion infused jewellery.