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Celtic Charm 2 & Gear | Gearing Pendant


Simple swirling geometry (and even a gear), this Celtic inspired pendant serves as a ring holder for a Gearing of any size!

The Details

  • It is quite possible that this pendant can fit other rings of the same size as well. We recommend that you buy the pendant with a ring so that there are no doubts that it will function as intended!
  • The gear that we use within the center hole is chosen to be the largest one that fits with that ring size.
  • This is one of our few examples of pendants where the gears within it don't actually mesh with each other, but they both move.


  • For most of our jewellery you can choose between our thick brass gears for some weight, or thin gears in either brass or anodized aluminum. We have the full rainbow, plus black and white (clearcoated aluminum) for anodized aluminum.
  • We use stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and brass as our materials. They can stand the pressure put on the gears better than traditional precious metals like gold and silver.
  • We can make our pendant gears in silver and gold, but we cannot do that with the Gearings because of the complexity of their creation.


  • The gears do interlock and will spin together at your touch! (but not on their own)

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